Welcome to my world, copywriter and social media content creator by day and blogger by night! 

My passions in life have always been food and travelling so what better place to put them together. 
 As well as being extremely proud of the growth on my natural hair journey I've been on for the past 5 years and wanting to help others on theirs with hair & beauty hints and tips. 

Follow my adventures in my home town, London, and my more spontaneous travel experiences. I will keep you updated with new restaurant openings, a hell of a lot of brunch reviews, TFW videos and the best food I've found around the world! Not forgetting the natural hair care questions I'm constantly asked and my tips to get healthy curls.

Trying to reach 30 countries before 30 - currently on #21!

I hope my blog can inspire you in one way or another, if not to care for your curls then to travel or just eat more food!
Also, owner of food social media platform TheFoodWhores. Please follow on YouTube!
And part-time cake-queen/baker here @Champakes.



"Eat well, travel spontaneously and care for your curls."


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Creative copywriting

Social media consultancy and management

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