Curlsmith product review

Curl Smith product review

You may have heard or seen Curlsmith products by now with a buzz being created by curly girls worldwide posting videos and pictures using the products. And everybody seems to love the products, because they actually work!

Curlsmith launched in March this year, and created by collaborating with top hair experts - trichologists, hair stylists, beauty experts, and consumers inspired from home recipes. They also took time to involve curly girls and bloggers (I was lucky enough to be one of them!) in the creation process from deciding which ingredients we like to packaging. The formulas were then tried and tested by hundreds of us and the response was great, all the products made from natural ingredients which act as “food for curls”.

Curlsmith keeps their product line super simple, with only 4 products the line doesn’t break the bank and provides everything you need for a successful wash day and maintaining your hair after.

Curl Smith product review

 Here’s a little run down of the products along with my thoughts after months of use of each of them…

Curl quenching conditioning wash

My favourite of the entire line, this product is just amazing and works so well for my curls. The co-wash does exactly what is says on the label, a gentle product that really removes build up and dirt and is also perfect for detangling. This product leaves your curls so moisturised and shiny with a nice defined bounce. It is a co-wash that is actually a shampoo and conditioner in one, the bottle size also means that it lasts quite long. I definitely recommend trying this out. I struggle to find the products I love which are compact enough to travel with and this is perfect as it's two products in one. You can check out my favourite travel curl products here.

Curl defining styling souffle

The soufflé is sort of a gel-like product which is more flexible without that horrible crunch. The product works really well on wet or dry hair and can add definition and a little bounce to your curls along with it being really moisturising for less frizz.

Curl conditioning oil in cream

The oil in cream is one of my favourite after wash leave-ins. Best used on wet/damp hair apparently can also be used as a curl primer which other products lay on top of. It’s not greasy and doesn’t leave your hair crunchy so it practically feels like you haven’t used anything but smells AMAZING. I’ve tested out just using this and then once dry sealing with the serum but perhaps will try it as a primer and see how that works out. This also works amazingly for curly hair in humid conditions or whilst on holiday, check out my run down of top products whilst travelling to hot and humid countries here.

Intense deep treatment oil in serum

The serum is a creamy oil based product with a silky texture that melts in your hands and smells amazing. The description on the tub and online says you should use this on damp hair after shampooing and I’ve seen a couple tutorials of curly girls using it as an oil deep treatment before washing, which I have not tried. For me, this product works amazingly on dry hair or as a sealant. I usually will use this on my curls a couple days after wash day when my hair needs that extra moisture, hydration and shine, it also helps to define my curls a bit more and tames frizz. A little goes a long way here too so expect to get your money’s worth, the tub will be full for a while!

Hold Me Softly Style Balm

This recently launched product by Curlsmith works really well as a refreshing styling lotion. They also recommend to use it after washing on wet hair (which I haven’t yet tried). I’ve found the best results using this day-to-day after using the Moisture Memory Reactivator spray and then smoothing into damp hair, I use the praying hands method and then just leave to air dry. The balm helps to define curls, creating flexible bouncy hairstyles without weight or crunch.

Moisture Memory Reactivator

The moisture memory reactivator is pretty to similar to how you would use your water spray when refreshing your curls between wash days. Use between wash days on its own to restore moisture and reactivate your style. Or use on a wash day as a primer before stronger hold styling products. I like to use it to moisturise my hair and then apply a small bit of styling cream on top.

All in all, I'm a massive Curlsmith fan - not only because of the product ingredients and the fruity smells (which are always complimented btw) but mostly because of the results that my the products create for my curls. 

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