Lindsey Hughes, ‘The Curl Whisperer’ review


The most popular question I'm asked, as well as probably the biggest question for curly haired girls around the UK is, "where can I get my curly hair cut?" After about 18 months of being unsure of what to do with my hair and where to get it cut I finally came across a curl specialist based in London who has had a lot of experience cutting and styling curly hair.

Most of us have hair trust issues after going through years of blow dryed hair cuts, towel fluffing dry, frying our curls with straighteners, burning scalp relaxers, dodgy shaped curly cuts, a big chop that went a bit too big, I've been a victim of most of these! So finding somebody in the UK where it isn't as "normal" to be offered a curly hair cut, which in my opinion should be done dry, can sometimes be impossible.

On top of this hurdle the price of the cut can almost be another battle us UK curly girls have to face, majority of these curly hair stylist will take advantage of the fact there isn't a lot of them and the fact that we are in demand of somebody to do a good job.

I recently paid a visit to Lindsey Hughes who is also known as "The Curl Whisperer", after hearing a bit about her from my fellow curly blogger friends. Getting a booking with her that isn't 2 or 3 months away is near impossible, when I was looking for a booking in June/July the next available appointment was for September/October, keep an eye on her Instagram as well as the booking form for cancellations, I managed to get an appointment in August instead and quickly booked this. Lindsey doesn't have her own salon but works from the Hunter Collective, which is a cool and airy space in close to Farringdon underground station where hairdressers can work and have a space freely. All appointments are made online, and when you book you're asked for a £50 deposit which is then taken from the total £125 fee for the curly cut.

Lindsey is Devacurl trained and cuts hair dry, in a curl by curl style. She uses Boucleme products for the tighter and thicker curls she cuts, I’d used these before so didn’t really have any problems with the products or with Lindsey using them on the day (I’m sure you can bring along your own products if you’d prefer to use something else). You’re asked to turn up with clean, styled hair so she can gauge how you wear your hair normally and see what sort of cut will work for you. I have to admit, Lindsey really did listen to how much I wanted to cut off and didn’t get too scissor happy. I got a trim and a bit of a re-shape, cutting off those dead ends, but meanwhile still keeping the length I had, which was quite an important factor.

My hair was trimmed dry and then washed, deep conditioned and then diffused with my head upside down to create a bit more volume. After my hair was pretty much dry she dusted over with the scissors for any bits that were a bit unruly, all in all it took around an hour and a half or so. Although the cut felt quite dramatic to me, I think I needed it as it’d been so long since my last cut.

I personally think £125 for a curly cut is slightly extortionate, but taken into consideration I won’t have another cut for a year, in that sense it doesn’t seem too bad. I think if you need your curls cutting every few months it’s way too expensive for something that isn’t particularly difficult to do yourself. I think going forward I will give myself little dust cuts every couple of months just to chop off unhealthy ends and get a bit of my spring back. If you’re looking for a complete re-shape then I definitely recommend a professional and if you’re based in London or local to London, Lindsey Hughes is a great choice.

A month after my cut with Lindsey: