Opium Cocktail & Dim Sum Parlour, China Town


We all know how overwhelming Chinatown can be with so many restaurants and people finding a cute and comfortable place that serves good dim sum paired with cocktails is a gem. Opium is hidden away in the heart of Chinatown, the perfect place to get away from the bustle outside and for a quick small bite of fresh, tasty steamed dim sum, as well as a wide selection of Chinese inspired cocktails and teas.

China Town, London | Helena Alyssa

It's not super easy to find, being a speakeasy and all, look out for a jade green door. We missed it and walked straight past a couple of times. Interiors are complete with moody dim lighting in a relaxed and intimate setting that transports you to an old world Shanghai, the three-floors include a dim sum dining room, cocktail lab and tea parlour.

Opium knows their dim sum, the small menu is very concise with no fuss, a small amount of options in comparison to the cocktail menu, they stick to a couple that they do really well. We went for the Dim Sum Platter, which contains four Siu Mai, two Char Siu Bau, two Har Gau, & two seasonal vegetable dumplings and the Mushroom and Truffle dumplings. My favourites were the Siu Mai (pork and prawn) and mushroom and truffle - a very unconventional filling but killer combo for a dumpling, but the mushroom and truffle inside the soft steamed dumpling just worked amazingly and tasted heavenly. 

The Zodiac menu has 12 cocktails, one for each of the zodiac animals, each sharing the characteristics of the people born under that sign. I personally loved the Rabbit, Plymouth dry gin, lychee, wild strawberry, lemon & prosecco - it also comes in the cutest rabbit shaped glass. Don’t miss their signature cocktail – Opium #6 – a concoction of Olmeca Altos tequila, cactus, pimiento, ginger and Oolong tea.

Opium is a great location for a casual date night in London or cocktail night out with the girls.

Price: ££

Food: ★★★★☆

Service: ★★★★☆

Atmosphere: ★★★☆☆

Value: ★★★☆☆

Overall: ★★★★☆

Opium Cocktail & Dim Sum Parlour, 15-16, Gerrard St, London W1D 6JE

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