London Helicopter Tour Experience

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I've lived in London my entire life, but still to this day the buzzing city life never ceases to amaze me. And what could be more special than a panoramic, bird's eye view of the beautiful city and its iconic landmarks.

A helicopter tour of London is the ideal Christmas or birthday gift, that super special proposal or even just for an extra special date celebration night. 

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The unique helicopter flight is the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience complete with a first-class pilot to ensure you have the thrill of a lifetime soaring above one of the greatest capital cities. Helicopter tours can be either shared or private. With a shared flight, you share the experience with up to five others. Private flights are a little more romantic, giving you and your guests exclusive access to the helicopter. 

Duration of flight: 35 minutes
Price: Starts from £150 per person
Departing from: See locations here

For more information or to make that special booking check out the link below: