4 tips on how to take the best travel photos


This time last year I was travelling around Costa Rica exploring volcanos and National Parks, following on with Bali and this year I’m raring to go on another adventure. Luckily I’m going to be jetting off to Thailand in a couple of weeks so I'm starting to think about what sort of travel content I'll be creating whilst I'm there.

I love create high-quality video and photo content when I'm travelling and having a good, versatile camera that isn’t too much of a hassle to take everywhere with me is essential. I’ve got my eye on the LUMIX DC-FT7, a waterproof camera, that has 30k optical zoom, 4K photo and video all in a sleek compact design. Perfect for travel, blogging, and making memories whilst on the go!

Don't worry if you don't have or can't afford a DSLR or fancy compact camera, a smartphone can do the job just fine when you focus on the pointers that make a good travel photo. Here's 4 tips how to get those Instagrammable photos whilst on your travels...

Nayara Springs, Arenal Volcano | Helena Alyssa


I love VSCO, Snapseed and Lightroom to edit my travel photos, you can download these all onto your phone so you can use them whilst on the go.

You can also download presets from some travel Instagrammers (they can be quite expensive) to get that same bright look they do in their images, this can be an easier alternative to editing your own.


The difference between good lighting and bad lighting is simple—natural light. This goes for pretty much every photo you take! I try to always take my photos in natural light as it makes a massive difference, and avoid flash if you can.

Nayara Springs, Arenal Volcano | Helena Alyssa


Do your homework on the best locations in that area, the places off the beaten track as well as the least busiest time to go so you can get the least over crowded shots.


Plan outfits that compliment where you are and the background of your image, it will make a world of difference to the quality and look of your pictures, especially when it comes to posting on Instagram.

Bali temple | Helena Alyssa
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